Friday, May 13, 2011

On Beltran's blasts and the Dodgers back in Brooklyn

My son came running into the kitchen to tell me that Carlos Beltran had just hit a home run. I figured it was his second of the game — I had heard him hit the first one on the radio in the car earlier in the evening — but then Gary Cohen mentioned the three home runs and the six RBI and I realized that the middle homer was how the Mets got from five runs to seven (a period of the game I missed while my son was in karate class).

Of course, Beltran hitting three home runs in a game was just another reason for some to wonder how it will affect his trade value, for when the Mets inevitably deal him to a contender, probably in the American League, before the July 31 trade deadline (along with Jose Reyes, and maybe even David Wright, Mike Pelfrey and possible everyone not named Ike Davis).

This all presumes the Mets are not contenders in July, something that many in the media state practically as fact, like how the summer starts on June 21. For them, it may as well be on the calendar.

For me, I know Beltran won't be here next year, and I'll understand completely if the Mets do fall behind and deal him. I'd rather focus on his so-far remarkable comeback, remarkable not necessarily because of his production but because he has remained healthy.

It's what we've waited for, a Beltran who, while limited in the field, can still rake at the plate, from both sides. That he hit three out on a day when David Wright took his second day off, Davis went on the DL and Willie Harris played third was terrific timing. (And nice to see Harris finally contribute; he was on base each time Beltran went yard.)

Another series win, and now the Mets head to Houston for what should be another two of three. Why so few are willing to even entertain the idea that the Mets are as in contention for a playoff spot as anyone else is somewhat puzzling, but at this point I don't care what anyone else thinks.

Johan Santana is throwing off a mound. Jose Reyes and Beltran look renewed (contract years will do that). The pitching is slowly coming around. Jason Isringhausen (knock wood) has been borderline amazing.

I'm enjoying the season. Are you?

Great story on ESPN from Howard Megdal on why the Dodgers should and could move back to Brooklyn. Sure, it'll never happen, but Megdal lays out a fairly convincing case that revolves around:
  • The Yankees and Mets would be paid off to allow it — by waiving luxury tax for the Yanks and literally paying the Mets, who could use a cash infusion.
  • NYC could easily handle three teams.
  • The borough would welcome the team back with open arms (and there are several good locations for a new park).
  • Los Angeles would get the Rays, a scenario where a weak market (Tampa) is eliminated in favor of two much stronger markets.
  • Fred Wilpon would go down in history as helping bring the Dodgers back to Brooklyn.

Megdal doesn't expand on this, but I immediately thought that an ownership swap could be part of the deal, where the Wilpons would own the now-Brooklyn Dodgers, and the Mets get new owners.

Nah, it'll never happen. Still, read it.

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