Sunday, May 15, 2011

Justin Turner Overdrive, takin' care of business

While Jorge Posada had a temper tantrum in the Bronx that put my 5-year-old to shame, Justin Turner kept quiet, put his head down and worked his way into an opportunity to make a difference with his club.

Certainly, the players and the circumstances are VASTLY different. Posada is a highly paid, highly accomplished veteran who has helped the Yankees win multiple titles, but is showing this season that he has next to nothing left in the tank.

Turner, meanwhile, is a 26-year-old who has been impressing folks in the Mets organization since last season, and is just now — thanks to his own solid play, the failure of Brad Emaus and an injury to Ike Davis — showing that he can be a contributor for the Mets.

On Sunday, Posada had to meekly apologize for his actions the day before, when he begged out of a game after seeing his name penciled in the No. 9 spot in the lineup. Turner, meanwhile, hit a three-run homer and doubled in two more runs as the Mets won their third straight series, beating the Astros, 7-4.

I love it.

Other than watching the Mets win and turn their season around, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the Yankees and their fans squirm. And the Yankees, just a couple of games better than a Mets team that a certain talk show host buried in the second week of April, have lots to worry about.

C.C. has not been much of an ace. Counting on Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia to be major contributors is like depending on Charlie Sheen to be your designated driver. Derek Jeter is a slap hitter who's lost a step but is still getting paid like Tulowitzki. And A-Rod has already begun a steady decline that will see him steal millions before his contract is finally up. (By the way, Mariano can't pitch forever, either.)

The Mets, meanwhile, are looking better and the future is looking brighter. Jason Bay is still struggling at the plate but he made a game-saving defensive play down the line in left. Chris Capuano pitched another solid game and got the win. K-Rod is now throwing perfect innings. Jason Pridie stole home on a double-steal.

Sure, you have to be concerned about R.A. Dickey, but his situation isn't typical because of the pitch he throws, so you hope he figures it out. Pelfrey's been better lately, and he'll have a huge test Monday at home against Josh Johnson and the Marlins.

Two big games against Florida and two more at Citi Field against Washington before heading to the Boogie Down for a three-game set against the Geriatric Guild. We're counting the days.

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