Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Pelf steps up, Davis steps badly (ouch)

These West Coast games are a killer for the blog. They end late, and I am usually exhausted. Especially on Tuesday night, when I missed the game because of softball — 8 p.m. doubleheaders, baby.

Anyway, it was great to see Big Pelf get the win (suddenly, he's 3-3), and pitch into the seventh. He looked solid, despite the three solo homers, and he delivered the two-run double that was the difference in the game. Is he settling in, finally? Is Ronny Paulino working his magic? Whatever — just keep it up, Mike.

Amazing how good news is always paired with bad with these Mets. They take two of three from L.A. but lose Chris Young, probably for the season. They beat the Rockies but Ike Davis gets hurt in a collision with David Wright. It's always something.

Davis hopes to play in Wednesday afternoon's game but don't hold your breath. Wright's getting the day off too, so we're looking at a possible infield of Turner, Reyes, Hu and Murphy.

Loved the work by the bullpen, and the starters are also settling down as well, with Pelfrey's effort coming on the heels of a very strong start by Capuano. Even K-Rod is tossing 1-2-3 innings.

Also, tip the cap to Murphy for stepping back into first base and not missing a beat defensive, with a couple of terrific plays, including the diving stab of a shot down the line. The guy's got a glove. Just don't put him in the outfield.

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