Monday, April 11, 2011

The world according to Mike (sans the Mad Dog)

So it's the day after one of the most exciting Masters finishes ever, the day after the Yankees were shut out by the Red Sox on national television to finish 1-2 in Beantown, and the Monday after the Rangers became the second team that calls Madison Square Garden home to qualify for the postseason.

And what does Mike Francesa devote almost the entire first hour to on his Monday radio program? You guessed it. The team he loves to tweak, to slam, and to belittle, when he's not flat-out ignoring them. The Mets.

I really am trying to wean myself from his show, but old habits die hard. As I went out for lunch I tuned in long enough to be annoyed, before switching to Mac and Tierney on ESPN 1050, but then I couldn't help myself and switched back to Francesa, who was still talking about:

  • how the Mets couldn't beat the Nationals in a rubber game
  • how Nationals "who had no business stealing bases" were stealing
  • Mets ticket sales
  • how he "expected more from Pagan" than what he's seen so far

and so on.

Nothing about the Yankees dropping two to Boston.

Nothing about Jeter and his .206 average, or his shocking inability to hit the ball out of the infield.

Nothing about Texeira and his .182 average.

Or Gardner hitting .167, or Posada batting .138, or Swisher — oh, how he loves Swisher — hitting a robust .219.

Nothing either about the Masters, which was funny because Francesa likes to think he's a golf aficionado. He loves talking about the majors, loves having buddy Jim Nantz on his show, loves talking about his own golf game. (I would kill to see him swing a club, either in person or on video. Must be like watching a walrus taking a slap shot. If you have video of this, please share!)

This Masters had everything. Tiger's return, a crowded leaderboard, Australians trying for history, a meltdown of Greg Normaneque proportions — and Francesa chose to lead with the Mets, who are only 4-5 but may as well fold up the tent, in his opinion.

Remarkable, but not at all surprising. It may require electroshock, but I vow to get through this season and not listen to his show. Cold turkey. Because although he may be a great source of blog material, he just isn't worth my time. Or yours.

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