Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Can we relax now?

Are we all off the ledge? Good.

The cranks and the media will remind us that the Mets are still four games under .500 and disaster is probably always looming around the corner, but screw them. A four-game winning streak is a four-game winning streak, and it happened at home, something the Mets really needed after starting so slowly at Citi Field.

Which the Mets have turned into a bandbox, by the way. It's a small sample size, to be sure, but Citi Field currently has the third-highest home run rate in the NL, even better than Citizens Band Breaker One-Nine Park in Philly.

David Wright — what can we say? Two more home runs today (Jason Pridie had the other Mets homer) and he's tearing it up again, which I doubly love since he's also on my fantasy team.

Jason Bay has come back in a big way and his presence was felt immediately. He and Ike Davis homered in Saturday's 6-4 victory, and Davis hit a bomb on Friday as the Mets scored two in the seventh and two in the eighth (scoring late — gotta love it) in a 4-1 win, the first win in the three-game sweep of the D-Backs.

Timely, solid hitting has been a factor in the rejuvenated Mets, but the pitching has come around big-time. Mike Pelfrey, five hits over seven innings on Friday night and he was in command. Dillon Gee, six innings, five hits a walk and five Ks for his second win, earning him a spot on the roster when Chris Young was activated Sunday. Nice work.

Perhaps best of all was Jon Niese today. Seven innings, six hits, two earned runs, two walks and three Ks and he was throwing hard.

Starters going deep helps the bullpen, which has also looked good lately,

My God, is this the same team that was so doomed just a week ago? Yes, it is the same team. A team that hasn't panicked, that despite what the haters say has plenty of talent. That hit some rough weather in the early going and has come out of it intact, with the look of a team that could and should be competitive, which is all we expected, wasn't it?

Take a deep breath now, Monday's an off day, then on the road for Washington and Philly (again).

Aaaahh. That's better.

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