Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free advice for Jerry and a fantastic video tribute

Jerry Manuel has tried 18 different lineup combinations since the All-Star break and the Mets are 5-13 and still can't hit.

Here's a radical idea. Bat Luis Castillo second and keep him there.

Whoa, you say. Castillo sucks. He's not getting on base and he's batting .235.

But here's the deal. He's not helping in the eight spot. His whole hitting philosophy is taking pitches and trying to draw a walk or get on base by any means necessary -- hitting the other way, bunting, whatever.

Jose Reyes has only 20 steals. If he gets on with Mr. Patient Castillo at the plate, he's got more chances to steal.

The idea is to put players where they are in the best position to succeed. Clearly, based on his approach and his career numbers, Castillo fits best in the two hole.

Nothing else is working, anyway. And moving Angel Pagan further down in the order -- either to third ahead of Wright, or down to sixth -- lengthens a lineup that is getting zero production from 5-9.

When Jason Bay comes back, the lineup should be -- and stay:

Reyes, Castillo, Pagan, Wright, Beltran, Bay, Francoeur / Carter, catcher, pitcher. Maybe then we'll get some consistent success.

As always, you're welcome.


Via Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard comes this video tribute to the Montreal Expos.

Three things:

1. Awesome.
2. See, Mets fans? It could be worse. You could have your team taken away from you.
3. Someone should send this to the Washington Nationals and remind them that this franchise actually has a history that should be remembered.

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