Friday, July 9, 2010

I feel like the Winnebago Man

So frustrated.

R.A. Dickey came into the game having allowed just two home runs, then gives up back-to-back homers WITH TWO OUTS in the seventh, to two guys who had a total of five home runs this season.

Dickey also had two of the Mets' eight hits and scored both their runs.

The Mets were able to get Tommy Hanson out of the game in the sixth, but then managed one hit the rest of the way against the Braves' bullpen.

Billy Wagner, of course, got the save.

The offense is flat. Jose Reyes is still hurt and batting only right handed. Jason Bay has 13 RBI in his last 11 games but went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts. He and Jeff Francoeur had opportunities to do damage but failed.

The Mets, for their final six games before the break, had Pelfrey and Santana pitching twice, with Dickey and Niese going once, and now the best they can do for that stretch — a stretch of six home games, mind you — is 3-3, and the best they can be at the break is two games out.

This is what we were worried about. Despite favorable pitching matchups, the Mets are sliding toward the break, not surging.

Somehow, the Braves — whose road unis tonight were hideous — have won 51 games. They give away multiple outs with horrific defense. Their lineup is less than scary, especially without Heyward and Chipper (who is not very good anymore, anyway). But their starters and bullpen have been outstanding.

Here's hoping the Mets win the next two, salvaging some positivity before the All-Star game, while gaining two big games in the standings.

By the way, the dude in the video is Jack Rebney. He became a YouTube sensation as "The Winnebago Man."

See how he feels? That's me watching the Mets lately.


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