Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to the House of Fun

I haven't been to Citi Field recently, not since Opening Week (I know, what am I waiting for?) but I understand that since the Mets have begun winning at home with scary regularity, the team has begun playing "Our House" by the English group Madness.

It's a good song, it's on my iPod, but I think a better choice by the same group is "House of Fun." Because that's what Citi Field has become for Mets fans these days. A place where the team and its fans are having a ball.

It's a real fun house when R.A. Dickey is on the hill tossing his knuckleball around. Dickey baffled the Tigers for eight innings Wednesday night and improved to 6-0 in just seven starts. The guy has been flat-out incredible. One of the all-time finds for Omar Minaya. You can say Omar was lucky with this one, but he saw enough in Dickey to sign him, so give him credit.

More fun came from Jose Reyes, as always. One night after Angel Pagan missed a cycle by a home run, Reyes fell a double short, tripling to lead off the game and adding a home run in the fifth.

And who had more fun than Keith and Gary with Jerry Seinfeld in the booth tonight? And for 4 1/2 innings! Fantastic.

Since Jerry asked, my favorite Mets moment has to be the Grand Slam Single. I was there at Shea for that and for the Endy Chavez catch, but nothing will top what it was like when Ventura hit that homer. Total mayhem.

Total madness.

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