Friday, June 18, 2010

Going off the rails on a crazy train

The Mets are the hottest team in baseball, winners of seven straight — the last six on the road — and nine of their last 10, a juggernaut that is 12-2 in the month of June.

The runaway train pulls into New Yankee Stadium just a half-game behind the Braves for first place in the NL East, while the Yankees begin in a flat-footed tie for first in the AL East.

The Yanks might be in first place all by their lonesome had they not lost two of three to the Phillies, but hey — who's counting?

R.A. Dickey improved to 5-0 with a win Thursday, as the Mets went 6-0 against the feeble Orioles and Indians. Mets fans would have taken 4-2 in a heartbeat, but there's no denying this team lately.

Dickey has been so good — the Mets are 5-1 in his starts — that my 8-year-old son wants to learn the knuckleball. I think he actually tried to throw one the other night in his Little League game, except the palm of his hand somehow ended up facing him, and he looked like he was flicking a playing card into a hat. The batter swung and missed, though, so maybe he's on to something.

You loved seeing Reyes clap his hands together after legging out a triple that gave the Mets a two-run lead in the eighth, and this time there was little drama with K-Rod for the save.

Expect that to change in the Yankees series, where I can't say I'd complain too much if the Mets won just one. The pitching matchups look fantastic: Takahashi vs. Vasquez is a mere appetizer followed by Pelfrey vs. Hughes in a battle of the future aces, and then Santana vs. Sabathia on Father's Day.

I know where I'll be.

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  1. Mets finally playing like a "TEAM"......guys doing the little things..Reyes hustling not dancing....Wright getting 2 out hits playing solid defense.....and the pitching.....why anyone wants to move Takahashi to the bullpen is a mystery to me....When he can pitch 6 innings every 5th day....vs 1 inning here and there.....Move Maine to the bullpen and let him mop up for 2 innings while he gets his arm strength back....if its not broke don't fix it....Santana and Pelfrey two studs...then Niese...then Dickey which is a nice change of pace pitcher and then Takahashi....thats a solid 5.....I'm sick of hearing about how they won't last....the bullpen is good enough leave Menjia in the pen with Krod and Feliciano...All the pieces are in place now....Just let it ride!!!!! Oh and u noticed this happened without Castillo good riddance!