Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wright getting credit for good defense

Thanks go out to MetsBlog for promoting a link to Mark Simon's piece on ESPN.com regarding David Wright's impressive defense this season.

I don't know how many times I've heard -- from Mets fans as well as other (read: Yankees) fans -- that Wright is either overrated defensively or just plain bad.

I can't see how you could come to that conclusion if you actually watch Mets games. Yankees fans who don't watch, and only see the occasional bad throw highlight on the news, can be discounted. They are biased and uninformed.

But to hear Mets fans complain about Wright's defense is confounding. Each random and relatively rare bad throw he makes is outnumbered, by a sizable margin, by the many solid-to-great plays he makes with the glove. He is aggressive on the bunt and the infield dribbler. He has terrific range on pop-ups and fly balls. He shows quick reflexes on the hard smashes. He has proven to be fearless going into the stands.

What more do you want from the guy?

Simon's piece is enlightening in that it explains in some detail how Baseball Info Solutions painstakingly categorizes every defensive play in every game, and I cannot argue with their conclusions. Wright may have had an average year last season, but so far in 2010 he is playing very well at the hot corner.

That's something obvious to the experienced eye, as well as to the statisticians.

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