Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's OK to be happy about the Mets

Are Mets fans -- who if they are as old as I am can remember when the team was truly a National League doormat -- so damaged by the previous four seasons that they cannot simply enjoy when the team is doing well?

The team is above .500 at 10-9. They have won four straight, sweeping the hated Braves, and have taken six of the first seven games of a 10-game homestand that fans and media alike characterized as critical, not only for the team's hopes of playoff contention, but to the employment of Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel.

So now that they are pitching well -- starters and relievers alike -- and starting to break out of the team-wide batting slump, you would think Mets fans would be thrilled. The season isn't over in April after all! We're watching good baseball again!

Instead, I've read and heard plenty of comments like, "Well, at least we can beat the bad teams," or, "the Cubs suck," or, "the Braves gave us those games."

The Cubs, by the way, went on to sweep the Brewers. The Braves, if you recall, were touted by many as a wild card contender and division sleeper thanks to their pitching. Maybe the Mets did get a break by catching both clubs at the right time. But so what?

You play whoever is in front of you, and a win's a win. And don't you think the Mets have gone through enough that they deserve a few breaks at this point? Rain-shortened win? I'll take it!

Just as it's too soon to start ordering 'World Champions' hats, it's also way too soon to scoreboard watch, or wonder where the Mets are in the standings, or put Manuel on the hot seat.

Mike Pelfrey is one of the top pitchers in baseball right now. Enjoy it.

Jonathan Niese looks like he's going to be a good one. Enjoy it.

Ike Davis looks like the real deal. Enjoy it.

Jason Bay is starting to hit again. Enjoy it.

Jose Reyes is back. Enjoy it!

The bullpen is pitching extremely well. Enjoy it!

Oliver Perez hasn't been nearly as awful as last season. Enjoy it!

An old-fashioned doubleheader later today -- not a day/night, separate admission deal -- with Ollie and Johan going for the Mets. Enjoy that!

It's a long season. Plenty of baseball left. More ups and downs are coming. David Wright is streaky and he will bounce back. Hopefully, so will John Maine. So have fun while you can!

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