Monday, April 19, 2010

And so it begins...

Mike Jacobs should have never been here in the first place. And with Chris Carter playing outfield and DH in AAA, and Daniel Murphy still a month or so away from returning, the logical move was made.

Your new first baseman: Ike Davis.

Omar Minaya said that Davis will not platoon, that you don't bring up someone like Davis to sit on the bench. He was getting AB's in Buffalo and he'll get that in Flushing, and he gets to make his debut in a 10-game homestand that could end up being a love-fest.

Omar also said that he doesn't expect Davis to be a savior. "I expect him to be Ike."

Hopefully, fans will take the same approach.

Davis is talented, to be sure. And while he tore it up in AAA, it was only 10 games. He is unquestionably the first baseman of the future, and should ultimately be the left-handed power source the Mets currently lack with Carlos Beltran (still not cleared for baseball activities) on the DL.

But this is really just a preview. When Murphy comes back, Davis should return to AAA to continue his development. Then again, if he has 8 home runs and is hitting .300, then the Mets will have one of those "good problems" and Davis could end up staying in place.

We'll worry about that later. For now, Davis is the man, we don't have to watch Jacobs anymore, and Jose Reyes gets a day off to rest and clear his head after a stressful and event-filled opening week with the team.

Everyone who has been clamoring for the Mets to play Davis have gotten their wish. Here's hoping they cut the kid some slack if he starts slowly.

And while the Mets are at it, they need to send Jenrry Mejia to Buffalo. They don't need him in the bullpen. They may very well need him to start later this season.

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