Friday, March 5, 2010

Joe Benigno is an ass

I usually eat lunch at my desk. Maybe once a week or so, I'll go get a sandwich and a copy of the News or the Post and drive to the local marina for a nice, relaxing lunch, reading tabloid journalism and listening to the radio.

Since I am a creature of habit and always eat lunch at noon, the program on WFAN at that time is Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. Among the FAN personalities, I find the pair only slightly more tolerable than Mike Francesa.

Evan, however, is on vacation, which means Joe was "flying solo" today. Of course, it was on his show that I learned about Jose Reyes' thyroid imbalance.

I will admit that yesterday's news of Reyes needing more bloodwork gave me pause. I mean, what more can happen to this guy? Today we learned exactly what the problem is, and that he'd be flying back to New York for more tests.

That's all Joe needed. He had a couple of callers who explained that thyroid conditions are not uncommon, and very treatable -- either hyperthyroidism (too active, likely Reyes' case), or hypothyroidism (not active enough). Then another caller, claiming to be a Mets fan, piped up that "where there's smoke there's fire," then said he was ready to let his 10-year-old son become a Yankees fan.

Joe jumped right on board, not on the switching of allegiances, but on how this could mean that maybe Reyes was involved with something beyond plasma therapy with Dr. Galea, that maybe it has something to do with HGH, that maybe the hamstring tendon injury and these new developments were all tied together.

"You start connecting the dots," he said, adding, "and then it makes sense" that maybe these things are connected.

That statement is beyond idiotic. But not surprising coming from Joe B.

I wonder if Benigno knew that hyperthyroidism is often caused by Graves' disease. So instead of being concerned for Reyes' health, Joe would rather postulate that this was caused by Reyes illegally taking HGH. Nice.

Joe, of course, went on to say that he hopes this wasn't serious, but quickly added that "as a Mets fan" you had to wonder.

No, Joe, you don't have to. Joe may want to jump to conclusions, and something tells me that there is a big part of him that secretly hopes HGH is involved, so he can continue to whine about the Mets, and about Reyes, which fits right in with his "Oh, the pain" mantra.

That this guy views himself as the voice of the Mets and Jets fan sickens me. And he has a book coming out about rules for New York sports fans.

Oh, the gall. This guy has as much business writing a book as I do performing a heart transplant.

Here's hoping that Reyes' issues are minor and have no effect on his health or his play this season, and that Joe B. has one less thing to complain about.


  1. nice job pointing this out. i heard it as well. its just more idiotic / moronic analysis from the wfan buffoons...especially joe b & evan.

    i don't know what else to say, actually. listening to the fan makes you dumber, bottom line.

    i won't say ALL of wfan is moronic. tony paige, if he's still on the overnight, is good.

  2. Yes, I like Paige. Solid. And I agree that there is a direct relationship between the number of hours listening to WFAN and loss of brain cells.

  3. benigno is unlistenable, the only word in the english lanuage he knows is "bro"

  4. Joe must Go!! I am so sick of his negative rants and suffering Mets, Jets, and Knick fan routine. I like all those teams but listening to Joe is depressing. He never had anything to add or insight on a real issues, and is as fickle about NY sports as his callers.

  5. Why does Joe pronounce his name Beningo? Is this a concession to the dumbing down American's who can't pronounce Benigno (Be-neen-yo)correctly? Some may think it's an insult to his Italian roots.