Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home opener at Citi Field: Perfect timing

A few things to note as the Mets get ready for their home opener Friday afternoon at Citi Field:

  • Plenty of good seats available. I was looking on StubHub today and you can get 2 seats in the second row of Promenade Reserved behind third base for $24 each. On Opening Day. You can get seats in the Promenade Club for less than $50. And better seats if you want to fork over bigger bucks. I'll be honest, if my son didn't have a dek hockey game at 6 o'clock, I'd have bought tickets and gone.
  • Home field advantage. We've heard how the Yankees have already sold 3.5 million tickets this season and the Mets only a million. No surprise there. And across baseball, attendance so far is down. Less than 10,000 a game in Cleveland? Only 18,000 in Miami for a weekend series against the Mets? Digusting. So don't be surprised if the Mets aren't drawing big numbers this weekend. With the economy and recent history, it's understandable, and I'm not one to go to a ton of games. But I'm thinking that this season, I'm going to try and go more. You can get good tickets for a reasonable price, and let's face it, the team could use all the support it can get. Hopefully I'm not the only one who feels this way and is ready to make Citi Field a true house of horrors for the opposition.
  • What else can I tell you? Oh, yeah, Jason Bay hit off a tee today. Nice!
  • Um... let's see... uh, Carlos Beltran is still healthy.
  • And, yeah, the Phillies scored 21 runs in two days, and Jon Niese followed Mike Pelfrey's implosion with a stinker of his own, and David Wright struck out when the Mets had a first-inning chance to do damage. But hey, like Terry Collins said, a 3-3 road trip ain't bad leading into the first homestand of the season.

It's Dickey Time!

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